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  • Central Coast Surveyors Trehy Ingold Neate

Land Surveyors

Trehy Ingold Neate offer a full range of land surveyor services utilising advanced robotic equipment and measurement tools. Our land surveyors provide end-to-end service from the field to the office – from boots to suits, bringing our clients efficient, cost effective solutions.

Our qualified surveyors use superior electronic total stations (theodolites), modern data recording scanners for aerial and terrestrial mapping, and high order Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment. Once back in the office, sophisticated software systems are used by our land surveyors to generate plans, mapping and reports. We are experts in determining land size and measurement.

Trehy Ingold Neate also advise and provide information to guide the work of engineers, architects and developers. Not only do we offer well-presented documents, plans and land surveyor reports, our work systems facilitate and track timely project completion.

Trehy Ingold Neate Land Surveyors Equipment

Our land surveyor services include:

  • topographic land surveys
  • commercial and residential building set outs
  • work as executed surveys
  • identification land surveys
  • boundary definition surveys and marking
  • strata and stratum subdivisions
  • community title subdivisions
  • residential and rural subdivisions
  • industrial and commercial subdivisions
  • easement surveys
  • preparation of Draft Section 88B Instruments
  • road and drainage surveys
  • earthwork surveys
  • lease area surveys for commercial properties
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys for mapping and high precision surveys
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) plans and drawings using the latest software
  • electronic lodgement of subdivision and easement plans with the Land and Property Information (LPI) Department
  • infrastructure planning and design surveys

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with land surveys and assisting you fast track your development, please contact us on 02 4351 2233 or and see how we can assist to fast track your development.